Royals 2021 Season Launch

The season launch is fast approaching and we are incredibly excited! Please see the relevant details below and grab your tickets using the link. We strongly encourage all players, sponsors, volunteers, coaches, managers, members and guests to come along to kick-start our 2021 season! Ticket:  $40 – A ticket gets you a 3-hour bar that includes:

  • Tap beers: Carlton Draught, Great Northern, Cascade, Peroni, Wild Yak & Mercury Cider
  • Wines: House reds and whites. Beaumont – Semillon Blanc and Shiraz
  • Sparkling – Beaumont sparkling
  • Soft drinks
  • Finger food platters, located at food station (served at 7 pm)

Announcements by

  • Club president
  • Coaches all grades
  • Club captain
  • Women’s captain

Date:  Saturday 10th April

Time: 6 pm onwards

Reds v Brumbies 7:45pm

Club attire is a requirement

This is a club-wide season launch and attendance is required.

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