Royals Code of Conduct


As members of the Royals Rugby Club (players, officials) and the broader Royals community (spectators, volunteers) we expect a high standard of conduct and behaviour from each other.


Our actions and our demeanour, both on and off the field, reflect directly on our Club. Therefore, it is our responsibility, in the interests of both Royals and our own personal credibility, to meet and promote the following requirements and obligations as relevant, in regard to our conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by the Club:


  • To promote the reputation of the game and take all reasonable steps to prevent the game from being brought into disrepute;
  • To maintain high personal behaviour standards at all times, including at the premises of all club sponsors or venues we hold functions at;
  • To not engage in any Doping Practice as defined in the ARU’s Doping By-Laws;
  • To comply with the ARU’s Safety Directives for Referees, Coaches and Players;
  • To not repeatedly breach the Laws of the Game, including but not limited to, the Laws of the Game relating to Foul Play or Misconduct;
  • To accept and observe the authority of a referee, touch judge or other match official;
  • To not abuse, threaten or intimidate a referee, touch judge or other match official, whether on or off the field, or a selector, coach, manager or other team official;
  • To not show unnecessary obvious dissension, displeasure or disapproval, whether on or off the field, towards a referee, touch judge or other match official, his or her decision or generally following a decision of a match official;
  • To not use crude or abusive language or gestures towards referees, touch judges or other match officials or spectators;
  • To not do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult or humiliate another participant on the ground of the gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the person;
  • To not conduct yourself in any manner, or engage in any activity, whether on or off the field (including social media), that would impair public confidence in the honest and orderly conduct of matches and competitions or in the integrity and good character of participants;
  • To not do anything which adversely affects or reflects on or discredits the game, Canberra Royals RUFC, the ARU, the ACT & SNSWRU, any Member Union or Affiliated Union of the ARU, or any squad, team, competition, tournament, sponsor, official supplier or licensee, including, but not limited to, any illegal act or any act of dishonesty or fraud; and
  • Comply with Canberra Royals Rugby Union policies and procedures and reasonable direction of club officials.

First Nations Action Plan

The Canberra Royals Rugby Club proudly acknowledges and recognizes the traditional owners of the land on which we play and train, the Ngunnawal people. We further acknowledge any other people of families with connection to this land. We believe that participation in sports should be open and inclusive to all members of the community, regardless of their background. As such, we are committed to promoting the participation of First Nations people in our club and creating an inclusive environment for all members.

The purpose of this First Nations Inclusion Action Plan is to outline our commitment to inclusivity, establish measurable targets and actions to be taken, and report on our progress in achieving our goals.


Goal 1: Increase participation of First Nations players in the club

Action 1.1: Establish partnerships with local First Nations organisations to promote rugby and other sports opportunities to First Nations youth in the community.

Action 1.2: Provide mentorship and support to First Nations players to ensure a positive and inclusive experience with the club.

Action 1.3: Develop an Indigenous rugby skills program to encourage and promote First Nations players to participate in the club at all levels.


Goal 2: Ensure cultural awareness amongst all club members and stakeholders.

Action 2.1: Provide to all club members and stakeholders cultural awareness training to promote understanding and respect for First Nations cultures.

Action 2.2: Establish cultural protocols for events and activities to ensure the inclusion of First Nations cultural practices and traditions.


Goal 3: Promote and celebrate First Nations culture within the club.

Action 3.1: Celebrate National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC week to honour First Nations history and culture as part of the club’s annual events program.

Action 3.2: Create opportunities for First Nations members to share their stories and experiences with club members through events and forums.

Action 3.3: Commission local First Nations artists to produce club artwork and merchandise that incorporates First Nations themes and designs.


Goal 4: Create a safe and supportive environment for First Nations members of the club.

Action 4.1: Create a First Nations support network to provide mentorship and support to First Nations members of the club.

Action 4.2: Develop and implement policies and procedures to address racism or discrimination towards First Nations members.

Action 4.3: Ensure the club facilities are accessible and culturally appropriate for First Nations members.



The club will report on progress towards achieving the goals and actions outlined in this plan annually, with updates provided at the AGM and published on the club’s website.



The Canberra Royals Rugby Club is committed to creating an inclusive environment that promotes the participation of First Nations people in sports and rugby. This First Nations Action Plan reflects our commitment to promoting inclusion and cultural awareness within the club and across the broader community. By working towards the goals and actions outlined in this plan, we hope to create a club that is welcoming and inclusive for all members.

First Nations Inclusion


The Canberra Royals Rugby Club recognises and acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands which its teams play and train on the Ngunnawal People. We also acknowledge any families with connection to this land.


We respect the cultural heritage, customs, and beliefs of the local First Nations People and their ongoing connection to the land.


We believe that rugby can play a positive role in recognising and celebrating the cultural richness of First Nations Peoples. We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all players, supporters, and visitors, free from discrimination or racism.

Royals continue to prioritise First Nations People and programs that encourage inclusion and opportunities and is a key tenant of Our Canberra Royals’ Strategic Plan.


We work with local First Nations Peoples to build a respectful and collaborative relationship, which supports the mutual goal of fostering greater understanding, reconciliation and social justice.


Through our actions, we aim to champion respect for First Nations Peoples and promote positive social change on and off the Rugby field.

Health and Wellbeing Framework


Canberra Royals Rugby Union Club (Royals) are committed to the health, wellbeing and safety of all players and volunteers of the Club. The club encourages all players and volunteers to actively engage in activities that support and promote their physical and mental health and wellbeing both on and off the field.

The club will provide information and opportunities for players and volunteers to improve their physical and mental wellbeing on and off the field, however ultimately individuals have the responsibility to educate themselves and participate in programs that will assist in this.

To assist in this Royals have developed a Health and Wellbeing Framework and supportive documents. The Royals Health and Wellbeing Framework is made up of five key domains: Mental Health; Medical and Allied Health; Preventative Health; Insurances; and Safety & Risk Management. Within these domains there are a number of programs that support the overarching principle of the Royals Health and Wellbeing Framework. These programs will change from time to time and updates will be provided through all club communications channels.

The principles of this framework are:

  • All players and volunteers are important to Royals;
  • Royals seeks to create an environment where health and wellbeing is supported;
  • Safety is everyone responsibility;
  • The physical and mental health of all players and volunteers are important at Royals; and
  • Royals welcome diversity by providing opportunities for all people to participate within their capacity and contribute to the club without fear of stigma or discrimination, creating a culture of respect and inclusiveness.

Mental Health Domain

Royals aren’t only talking about the mental health of players and volunteers, Royals are implementing a plan that will make available practical support both within the club and also with professional, wrap-around support.

Royal’s vision for a Mentally Healthy Club is to:

  • Promote a positive environment where everyone in the club is valued and works together to achieve the vision of the club
  • Promote a culture of openness about mental health, a commitment to asking if people are ok and where support is provided as needed, when it is needed.

Preventative, Medical and Allied Health Domains

Royals work with professional coaches, trainers and medical professionals to ensure that players are kept as safe and supported as possible whilst playing and training for Rugby. Royals are also implementing a plan that will make available practical support both within the club and also with professional support.

Royal’s vision for a Physically Healthy Club is to:

  • Provide a strong fitness and training regime where all players, in all teams, have access to the highest level of programs and training;
  • Promote a culture where all players are encouraged to develop their fitness, strength and skill in a safe and supportive way;
  • Provide opportunities to access medical, preventative and allied health services.

Insurance Domain

Royals under the auspices of Rugby Australia have the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme which Rugby Australia purchases on behalf of our Member Unions, their Affiliate Unions, Clubs and Referee Associations.

All Clubs affiliated with Rugby Australia and/or the various Member Unions are automatically covered under the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme annually.

All participants (Players, Coaches, Officials) must be registered with Rugby Australia to obtain coverage under the National Risk Management and Insurance Programme.

Royals encourage all players to have some level of private health insurance and in certain cases private wage insurance.

Safety and Risk Management Domain

Royals undertake risk management processes to proactively identify risks which may result in accidents or injury. Royals undertake regular safety checks such as the match day safety check using tools designed by Rugby Australia. For example, the match day inspection checklist is a risk management tool that can be completed prior to each match day. It is designed to assist to identify risks present on the day and to take steps to prevent injuries to players and others at the venue.

Support for Match Officials


At Canberra Royals Rugby Union Club, we believe in upholding the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play. As such, we are committed to respecting umpires and match officials during all rugby games.


We recognise referees and match officials play an important role in ensuring that rugby games are played safely and fairly. We understand their decisions may not always align with our interests, but we will always treat them with respect and dignity.


We firmly support the ACT and Brumbies Rugby policy on respecting referees and match officials. We expect all members of our club, including players, coaches, parents and spectators, to abide by this policy at all times.


As a club, we will take all necessary measures to ensure that our members understand and comply with this policy. We will also work closely with our referees and match officials to maintain an open and collaborative relationship.

By respecting referees and match officials, we demonstrate our commitment to the values of rugby and set an example for other clubs to follow.


We are proud to be part of a sport that values fair play, respect, and teamwork, and we are committed to upholding these values in everything we do.

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