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The Rugby season typically starts in Easter each year, with pre-season commencing in early February. We accept new players at any time throughout the year, so please fill the form out below and we will get in contact. We welcome and encourage all levels of experience.

Not ready to sign up? Come along to any of our trainings during the season, introduce yourself at the sheds and have a chat to the coaches.

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Royals Club Song

Oh we’re from Canberra Royals

A fighting fury

We’re from Canberra Royals

In any weather you will see us with a grin

Risking head and limb

If we’re behind then never mind

We’ll fight and fight and win

Oh we’re from Canberra Royals

We’ll never weaken till the final whistle blows

Like the Royals of old

We’re strong and we’re bold

Oh we’re from Canberra

The Blue and White

Oh we’re from Canberra Royals!

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