Free period products at Royals facilities

May 2023

Royals Rugby Club provides Free Period Products

Royals Rugby Club is proud to announce that they will be offering free period products at their home and training grounds during games and training, in an effort to promote inclusion in the game and community. The initiative is aimed at addressing the need for period products, which can be expensive and difficult to access for many people.

The distribution of period products will be available to players, staff, and spectators at Royals’ home and training grounds during games and training. The Club is committed to ensuring that these essential items are available to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances and also to provide ease of access for women attending the game.

“We’re excited to offer this service to our players, staff, and spectators,” said club President Jim Taylor. “We believe it’s an essential step towards building a more inclusive and equitable environment at our club. Similarly we welcome the ACT Government leading conversations in this space and acknowledge the commitment they have shown to infrastructure support for women’s change rooms and improved accessible facilities.

On hand to launch the program on the weekend was Royals’ Club Captain Lincoln Smith, Royals and Brumbies Super W player Niki Paterson, Minister Emma Davidson, Dr Marissa Paterson MLA and Royals’ Club President Jim Taylor.

The initiative is part of Royals’ ongoing commitment to promoting inclusion in the game. The club has already launched several initiatives aimed at increasing diversity and breaking down barriers to participation.

Period product access is a global issue affecting millions of people every day. By providing free period products at their home ground, Royals Rugby Club hopes to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation and make it easier for everyone to access the products they need.

 “We hope that this initiative will inspire other clubs and organisations to follow suit,” said Jim Taylor. “It’s about creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone who wants to participate in the game. This program builds on a strong inclusion at Royals program which includes a significant number of leadership roles in the club resting with women and co-designing programs, uniforms and facilities with our women .”

The distribution of period products will begin immediately, and will be available throughout the duration of the club’s rugby season. Royals Rugby Club is proud to be taking this important step towards promoting inclusion in the game, and looks forward to welcoming more players and fans to their home ground. For details on how to join Royals Rugby Club email

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